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sys/_bitset.h: Fix fall-out from commit 5e04571cf3cHEADmain
There is a reference to malloc() in #define __BITSET_ALLOC. Even though this macro is only defined but not used, it causes the lang/gcc ports to fail. The gcc ports "poison" a number of functions including malloc() and prevent their use (including in macro definitions). This commit moved the declaration of __BITSET_ALLOC into the conditional block that depends on _KERNEL or _WANT_FREEBSD_BITSET being defined. There is no use of __BITSET_ALLOC in the FreeBSD sources, and userland programs that want to use BITSEC_ALLOC will define _WANT_FREEBSD_BITSET anyway. This patch has been tested by building lang/gcc11 and a successful make buildworld. This commit shall be MFCed together with commit 5e04571cf3c. MFC after: 1 month
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