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- Implement the grow command to make it easier for users to extend plexes
without having to understand all gvinum internals. - Document the grow command in the manpage and update examples to use the command where possible.
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=190884
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@@ -79,6 +79,10 @@ flag is given.
.It Ic detach Oo Fl f Oc Op Ar plex | subdisk
Detach a plex or subdisk from the volume or plex to which it is
+.It Ic grow Ar plex device
+Grow a plex by creating a gvinum drive and subdisk on device and attach it to
+the plex.
+If required by the plex organization, it will be put into the growable state.
.It Ic help
Provides a synopsis of
@@ -333,16 +337,11 @@ Then, initiate the rebuild:
The plex will go up form degraded mode after the rebuild is finished.
The plex can still be used while the rebuild is in progress, although requests
might be delayed.
-For a more advanced usage and detailed explanation of gvinum, the
-handbook is recommended.
Given the configuration as in the previous example, growing a RAID-5 or STRIPED
-array is accomplished by adding a new subdisk to the plex with a
-.Ar description-file
-similar to this:
+array is accomplished by using the grow command:
-.Dl "drive newdrive device /dev/ad4"
-.Dl "sd drive newdrive plex myraid5vol.p0"
+.Dl "gvinum grow myraid5vol.p0 /dev/ad4"
If everything went ok, the plex state should now be set to growable.
You can then start the growing with the
@@ -355,6 +354,9 @@ As with rebuilding, you can watch the progress using the
.Ic list
+For a more advanced usage and detailed explanation of gvinum, the
+handbook is recommended.
.Xr geom 4 ,
.Xr geom 8