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Hard-configure z_off_t as long. Soft configuration using HAVE_UNISTD_H
just breaks the prototypes for gzseek() and gztell() when an application defines HAVE_UNISTD_H before including <zlib.h>. z_off_t was always long for compiling zlib, but was sometimes off_t for compiling applications, e.g., Ethereal 0.7.5. This "fix" preserves bug for bug binary compatibility. z_off_t should be off_t for everything, but zlib doesn't support off_t being longer than long, so using the correct type without fixing zlib's internals would at best break binary compatibility. This "fix" also make the namespace problems for HAVE_UNISTD_H no worse than hundreds of other namespace prooblems in zconf.h. I'll wait for a new release of zlib for proper fixes. Reported by: Guy Harris via jkh
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