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cam-iosched: Publish parameters of the latency buckets
Add sysctls to publish the latency bucket size, number, and stride. Move to putting all the iosched stuff under kern.cam.iosched as well and move kern.cam.do_dynamic_iosched to kern.cam.iosched.dynamic. In addition, move kern.cam.io_sched_alpha_bits to kern.cam.iosched.alpha_bits. Publish kern.cam.iosched.bucket_base (the smallest bucket time), .bucket_ratio (the geometric progression factor * 100), and .buckets (the total number of buckets). Move to publishing 20 buckets, starting at 20us. This allows us to get better resolution on the short end and detect preformance degredation of the NVMe drives I've tested on, even with the uncertainty of bucketing. Sponsored by: Netflix
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