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s/filesystem/file system/g as discussed on -developers
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@@ -40,13 +40,13 @@
.Nm quotacheck
-.Nd filesystem quota consistency checker
+.Nd file system quota consistency checker
.Op Fl g
.Op Fl u
.Op Fl v
-.Ar filesystem
+.Ar file system
.Op Fl g
@@ -56,22 +56,22 @@
-utility examines each filesystem,
+utility examines each file system,
builds a table of current disk usage,
and compares this table against that recorded
-in the disk quota file for the filesystem.
+in the disk quota file for the file system.
If any inconsistencies are detected, both the
quota file and the current system copy of the
incorrect quotas are updated (the latter only
-occurs if an active filesystem is checked).
+occurs if an active file system is checked).
By default both user and group quotas are checked.
The following options are available:
.Bl -tag -width indent
.It Fl a
-If supplied in place of any filesystem names,
+If supplied in place of any file system names,
-will check all the filesystems indicated in
+will check all the file systems indicated in
.Pa /etc/fstab
to be read-write with disk quotas.
By default only the types of quotas listed in
@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ Specifying both
.Fl u
is equivalent to the default.
-Parallel passes are run on the filesystems required,
+Parallel passes are run on the file systems required,
using the pass numbers in
.Pa /etc/fstab
in an identical fashion to
@@ -107,12 +107,12 @@ operates silently.
-utility expects each filesystem to be checked to have a
+utility expects each file system to be checked to have a
quota files named
.Pa quota.user
.Pa quota.group
-which are located at the root of the associated filesystem.
+which are located at the root of the associated file system.
These defaults may be overridden in
.Pa /etc/fstab .
If a file is not present,
@@ -143,18 +143,18 @@ The
utility accesses the raw device in calculating the actual
disk usage for each user.
-Thus, the filesystems
+Thus, the file systems
checked should be quiescent while
is running.
.Bl -tag -width quota.group -compact
.It Pa quota.user
-at the filesystem root with user quotas
+at the file system root with user quotas
.It Pa quota.group
-at the filesystem root with group quotas
+at the file system root with group quotas
.It Pa /etc/fstab
-default filesystems
+default file systems
.Xr quota 1 ,