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Kill custom in_matroute() radix mathing function removing one rte mutex lock.
Initially in_matrote() in_clsroute() in their current state was introduced by r4105 20 years ago. Instead of deleting inactive routes immediately, we kept them in route table, setting RTPRF_OURS flag and some expire time. After that, either GC came or RTPRF_OURS got removed on first-packet. It was a good solution in that days (and probably another decade after that) to keep TCP metrics. However, after moving metrics to TCP hostcache in r122922, most of in_rmx functionality became unused. It might had been used for flushing icmp-originated routes before rte mutexes/refcounting, but I'm not sure about that. So it looks like this is nearly impossible to make GC do its work nowadays: in_rtkill() ignores non-RTPRF_OURS routes. route can only become RTPRF_OURS after dropping last reference via rtfree() which calls in_clsroute(), which, it turn, ignores UP and non-RTF_DYNAMIC routes. Dynamic routes can still be installed via received redirect, but they have default lifetime (no specific rt_expire) and no one has another trie walker to call RTFREE() on them. So, the changelist: * remove custom rnh_match / rnh_close matching function. * remove all GC functions * partially revert r256695 (proto3 is no more used inside kernel, it is not possible to use rt_expire from user point of view, proto3 support is not complete) * Finish r241884 (similar to this commit) and remove remaining IPv6 parts MFC after: 1 month
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