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mdoc(7) police: properly use a -diag list in the DIAGNOSTICS section.
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@@ -333,8 +333,8 @@ RTM_CHANGE.
As such, only the super-user may modify
the routing tables.
-.Bl -tag -width Ds
-.It Sy "add [host \&| network ] %s: gateway %s flags %x"
+.Bl -diag
+.It "add [host \&| network ] %s: gateway %s flags %x"
The specified route is being added to the tables. The
values printed are from the routing table entry supplied
in the
@@ -344,21 +344,21 @@ If the gateway address used was not the primary address of the gateway
(the first one returned by
.Xr gethostbyname 3 ) ,
the gateway address is printed numerically as well as symbolically.
-.It Sy "delete [ host \&| network ] %s: gateway %s flags %x"
+.It "delete [ host \&| network ] %s: gateway %s flags %x"
As above, but when deleting an entry.
-.It Sy "%s %s done"
+.It "%s %s done"
When the
.Cm flush
command is specified, each routing table entry deleted
is indicated with a message of this form.
-.It Sy "Network is unreachable"
+.It "Network is unreachable"
An attempt to add a route failed because the gateway listed was not
on a directly-connected network.
The next-hop gateway must be given.
-.It Sy "not in table"
+.It "not in table"
A delete operation was attempted for an entry which
wasn't present in the tables.
-.It Sy "routing table overflow"
+.It "routing table overflow"
An add operation was attempted, but the system was
low on resources and was unable to allocate memory
to create the new entry.