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mountd(8): generate a syslog message when the "V4:" line is missing
Daniel reported that NFSv4 mounts were not working despite having set "nfsv4_server_enable=YES" in /etc/rc.conf. Mountd was logging a message that there was no /etc/exports file. He noted that creating a /etc/exports file with a "V4:" line in it was needed make NFSv4 mounts work. At least one "V4:" line in one of the exports(5) file(s) is needed to make NFSv4 mounts work. This patch fixes mountd.c so that it logs a message indicting that there is no "V4:" line in any exports(5) file when NFSv4 mounts are enabled. To avoid this message being generated erroneously, /etc/rc.d/mountd is updated to make sure vfs.nfsd.server_max_nfsvers is properly set before mountd(8) is started. Reported by: debdrup PR: 253901 MFC after: 2 weeks
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