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Fix cross-building further.
Introduce ${TARGET} defaulting to ${MACHINE} which should be set to whatever your target ${MACHINE} is, and use that with world-related stages. That is, to build pc98 on alpha, one now needs to set both TARGET_ARCH=i386 and TARGET=pc98. The scope of ${TARGET} is limited to Makefile.inc1 and cross-tools. In particular, this change was tested to fix: 1. Cross building of "alpha" on i386. The breakage was introduced by rev. 1.10 to sbin/i386/Makefile (missing <machine/cronyx.h>). 2. Descending into machine-specific subdirs for a different arch. Previously, sbin/i386 and usr.sbin/boot0cfg were descended into when cross-building "alpha" or pc98 on i386. 3. Fixes pc98 cross-building which was horribly broken, caused by not setting MACHINE correctly (most ${MACHINE} == pc98 checking Makefiles put -DPC98 to CFLAGS).
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