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First pass at adding locale support. This code only deals with the LC_CTYPE
class of locale data, but could be extended to handle other locale classes, as well as message catalogues and other non-locale i18n support. I have left the old _ctype_ array in place, and moved the ctype.h header to octype.h, so that existing shared binaries will still be able to find and use it as they require. See /usr/src/share/locale for information on how to create new locale data files (eventually this procedure will be improved). I'd like to have a family of locale files for various countries, languages, and character sets, so please contribute some. This code was originally written by Paul Borman and contributed to 4.4; I did the integration, and have somewhat tested it. crt0.c probably ought to call setlocale() if it doesn't already, but I'd like for people to create some locale files and try things manually first before I make every program do this.
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