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Add more documentation regarding unsafe AIO requests.
The asynchronous I/O changes made previously result in different behavior out of the box. Previously all AIO requests failed with ENOSYS / SIGSYS unless aio.ko was explicitly loaded. Now, some AIO requests complete and others ("unsafe" requests) fail with EOPNOTSUPP. Reword the introductory paragraph in aio(4) to add a general description of AIO before describing the vfs.aio.enable_unsafe sysctl. Remove the ENOSYS error description from aio_fsync(2), aio_read(2), and aio_write(2) and replace it with a description of EOPNOTSUPP. Remove the ENOSYS error description from aio_mlock(2). Log a message to the system log the first time a process requests an "unsafe" AIO request that fails with EOPNOTSUPP. This is modeled on the log message used for processes using the legacy pty devices. Reviewed by: kib (earlier version) MFC after: 1 week Sponsored by: Chelsio Communications Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D7151
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.\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd July 15, 2016
+.Dd July 21, 2016
.Dt AIO 4
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facility provides system calls for asynchronous I/O.
-However, asynchronous I/O operations are only enabled for certain file
-types by default.
-Asynchronous I/O operations for other file types may block an AIO daemon
-indefinitely resulting in process and/or system hangs.
-Asynchronous I/O operations can be enabled for all file types by setting
+Asynchronous I/O operations are not completed synchronously by the
+calling thread.
+Instead, the calling thread invokes one system call to request an
+asynchronous I/O operation.
+The status of a completed request is retrieved later via a separate
+system call.
+Asynchronous I/O operations on some file descriptor types may block an
+AIO daemon indefinitely resulting in process and/or system hangs.
+Operations on these file descriptor types are considered
+.Dq unsafe
+and disabled by default.
+They can be enabled by setting
.Va vfs.aio.enable_unsafe
sysctl node to a non-zero value.
Asynchronous I/O operations on sockets and raw disk devices do not block
-indefinitely and are enabled by default.
+indefinitely and are always enabled.