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names for common tempi are:
.Bd -literal -offset indent
Tempo Beats Per Minute
-very slow Larghissimo
+very slow Larghissimo
Largo 40-60
Larghetto 60-66
- Grave
- Lento
+ Grave
+ Lento
Adagio 66-76
-slow Adagietto
+slow Adagietto
Andante 76-108
-medium Andantino
+medium Andantino
Moderato 108-120
-fast Allegretto
+fast Allegretto
Allegro 120-168
- Vivace
- Veloce
+ Vivace
+ Veloce
Presto 168-208
-very fast Prestissimo
+very fast Prestissimo
.It Li M[LNS]
Set articulation.