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authorStefan Eßer <se@FreeBSD.org>2019-12-10 19:52:29 +0000
committerStefan Eßer <se@FreeBSD.org>2019-12-10 19:52:29 +0000
commit746af69907b9215c63245eceb7c5e86f863f3e37 (patch)
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parent6e816d8711558c9a7daf7959448b0c99d1fd07d1 (diff)
Replace two remaining hex values for control codes with their names.
These were the only values in the range from 0 to 0x1f that were defined as hex values, all other occurances have been converted before. MFC after: 1 week
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=355591
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diff --git a/share/vt/keymaps/hu.102.kbd b/share/vt/keymaps/hu.102.kbd
index 244db9ea56ba..d5205e5796d9 100644
--- a/share/vt/keymaps/hu.102.kbd
+++ b/share/vt/keymaps/hu.102.kbd
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
038 'l' 'L' ff ff 0x0141 nop ff ff C
039 0xe9 0xc9 nop nop '$' nop nop nop C
040 0xe1 0xc1 nop nop 0xdf nop nop nop C
- 041 '0' 0x15 nop nop nop nop nop nop O
+ 041 '0' nak nop nop nop nop nop nop O
042 lshift lshift lshift lshift lshift lshift lshift lshift O
043 0x0171 0x0170 fs fs 0xa4 nop fs fs C
044 'y' 'Y' em em '>' '<' em em C