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Update from ADO to reflect changes in Brazil and absence of
previously-anticipated changes in Israel. Obtained from: ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/tzdata2002d.tar.gz
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-# @(#)australasia 7.66
+# @(#)australasia 7.67
# This file also includes Pacific islands.
# Notes are at the end of this file
@@ -738,6 +738,38 @@ Zone Pacific/Wallis 12:15:20 - LMT 1901
# From Arthur David Olson (1992-03-08):
# The chosen rules the union of the 1971/1972 change and the 1989-1992 changes.
+# From Rives McDow (2002-04-09):
+# The most interesting region I have found consists of three towns on the
+# southern coast of Australia, population 10 at last report, along with
+# 50,000 sheep, about 100 kilometers long and 40 kilometers into the
+# continent. The primary town is Madura, with the other towns being
+# Mundrabilla and Eucla. According to the sheriff of Madura, the
+# residents got tired of having to change the time so often, as they are
+# located in a strip overlapping the border of South Australia and Western
+# Australia. South Australia observes daylight saving time; Western
+# Australia does not. The two states are one and a half hours apart. The
+# residents decided to forget about this nonsense of changing the clock so
+# much and set the local time 20 hours and 45 minutes from the
+# international date line, or right in the middle of the time of South
+# Australia and Western Australia. As it only affects about 10 people and
+# tourists staying at the Madura Motel, it has never really made as big an
+# impact as Broken Hill. However, as tourist visiting there or anyone
+# calling the local sheriff will attest, they do keep time in this way.
+# From Paul Eggert (2002-04-09):
+# This is confirmed by the section entitled
+# "What's the deal with time zones???" in
+# <http://www.earthsci.unimelb.edu.au/~awatkins/null.html>,
+# which says a few other things:
+# * Border Village, SA also is 45 minutes ahead of Perth.
+# * The locals call this time zone "central W.A. Time" (presumably "CWAT").
+# * The locals also call Western Australia time "Perth time".
+# It's not clear from context whether everyone in Western Australia
+# knows of this naming convention, or whether it's just the people in
+# this subregion.
# South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria
# From Arthur David Olson (1992-03-08):