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libbe(3): add needed bits for be_destroy to auto-destroy some origins
New BEs can be created from either an existing snapshot or an existing BE. If an existing BE is chosen (either implicitly via 'bectl create' or explicitly via 'bectl create -e foo bar', for instance), then bectl will create a snapshot of the current BE or "foo" with be_snapshot, with a name formatted like: strftime("%F-%T") and a serial added to it. This commit adds the needed bits for libbe or consumers to determine if a snapshot names matches one of these auto-created snapshots (with some light validation of the date/time/serial), and also a be_destroy flag to specify that the origin should be automatically destroyed if possible. A future commit to bectl will specify BE_DESTROY_AUTOORIGIN by default so we clean up the origin in the most common case, non-user-managed snapshots.
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