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Merge a number of post-1.2-alpha2 changes to OpenBSM into the OpenBSM
vendor area; these sort out various post-release issues, largely to do with integrating OpenBSM with the base FreeBSD build. All of these changes will appear in a future 1.2-alpha3: Change 219846 on 2012/11/26 by rwatson@rwatson_cinnamon Update several instances of Apple Computer to Apple; a change made in the FreeBSD tree some years ago but not propagated to OpenBSM. Change 219845 on 2012/11/26 by rwatson@rwatson_cinnamon Remove Apple acknowledgement clause from file with Christian Peron copyright (with permission from Christian). Change 219836 on 2012/11/23 by rwatson@rwatson_cinnamon Replace further instances of <> with "" for local includes in auditdistd. Change 219834 on 2012/11/23 by rwatson@rwatson_cinnamon For current-directory headers, use #include "" rather than #include <>. Change 219832 on 2012/11/23 by rwatson@rwatson_cinnamon Be more consistent with the remainder of OpenBSM and include config/config.h rather than config.h. Don't include config.h from synch.h, which is included only from .c files that already include config.h. Change 219831 on 2012/11/23 by pjd@pjd_anger Add Xref to auditdistd(8). Suggested by: rwatson Obtained from: TrustedBSD Project Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation (auditdistd)
Notes: svn path=/vendor/openbsm/dist/; revision=243734
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