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Fix bogusly declared WERRORs in kernel build
Many arm kernel configs bogusly specified WERROR=-Werror. There's no reason for this because the default is that and there's no reason to override. These date from a time when we needed to add additional warning->error suppression. They are obsolete and were cut and paste propagated from file to file. Comment out all the WERROR=.... lines in powerpc. They aren't bogus, but were appropriate for the old defaults for gcc4.2.1. Now that we've made the policy decision to suppress -Werror by default on these platforms, it is appropriate to comment these out. People wishing to fix these errors can still un-comment them out, or say WERROR=-Werror on the command line. Fix two instances (cut and paste propagation) of hard-coded -Werror in x86 code. Replace with ${WERROR} instead. This is a no-op change except for people who build WERROR=-Wno-error :). This should fix tinderbox / CI breakage.
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=351485
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diff --git a/sys/arm/conf/SOCFPGA b/sys/arm/conf/SOCFPGA
index cd78e17e08a4..3d7511565307 100644
--- a/sys/arm/conf/SOCFPGA
+++ b/sys/arm/conf/SOCFPGA
@@ -24,8 +24,6 @@ include "../altera/socfpga/std.socfpga"
makeoptions MODULES_OVERRIDE=""
-makeoptions WERROR="-Werror"
options SCHED_ULE # ULE scheduler
options PLATFORM # Platform based SoC
options SMP # Enable multiple cores