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Add loader.conf to the list of files that are MD.
loader.conf is also different between machines. On arm it's a minimal one that's not quite compatible with the default one. On arm it's minimal for speed, which is good, but there's also extra things in it relative to the default on which break loading FDT which is bad. This doesn't address that issue, but instead ensures the minimal one for arm is used. A similar issue for mips exists, but since we can have a beri variant of /boot/loader and a uboot variant, I'm leaving that mess alone for the moment. Sponsored by: Netflix
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+# This is defaults/loader.conf for ARM, containing defaults for loader(8).
+# Do not modify the contents of this file, instead put your customizations
+# into /boot/loader.conf or /boot/loader.conf.local
+# $FreeBSD$
+bootfile="kernel" # Kernel name (possibly absolute path)
+kernel="kernel" # /boot sub-directory containing kernel and modules
+loader_conf_files="/boot/loader.conf /boot/loader.conf.local"