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authorRobert Watson <rwatson@FreeBSD.org>2008-08-24 21:20:35 +0000
committerRobert Watson <rwatson@FreeBSD.org>2008-08-24 21:20:35 +0000
commite484af13ede6ab7afcf1382fc78d60fe54679bfa (patch)
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parent474dee38bf99f653416fcc4159a8457d667f54a8 (diff)
When MPSAFE ttys were merged, a new BSM audit event identifier was
allocated for posix_openpt(2). Unfortunately, that identifier conflicts with other events already allocated to other systems in OpenBSM. Assign a new globally unique identifier and conform better to the AUE_ event naming scheme. This is a stopgap until a new OpenBSM import is done with the correct identifier, so we'll maintain this as a local diff in svn until then. Discussed with: ed Obtained from: TrustedBSD Project
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=182123
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diff --git a/sys/bsm/audit_kevents.h b/sys/bsm/audit_kevents.h
index c53843136f01..6e073d47fe70 100644
--- a/sys/bsm/audit_kevents.h
+++ b/sys/bsm/audit_kevents.h
@@ -548,7 +548,7 @@
#define AUE_MKNODAT 43150 /* FreeBSD. */
#define AUE_READLINKAT 43151 /* FreeBSD. */
#define AUE_SYMLINKAT 43152 /* FreeBSD. */
-#define AUE_POSIXOPENPT 43153 /* FreeBSD. */
+#define AUE_POSIX_OPENPT 43185 /* FreeBSD. */
* Darwin BSM uses a number of AUE_O_* definitions, which are aliased to the