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LinuxKPI: enhance PCI bits for DRM
In pci_domain_nr() directly return the domain which got set in lkpifill_pci_dev() in all cases. This was missed between D27550 and 105a37cac76b971f7a94409fbdc4f508a7e97fa0 . In order to implement pci_dev_put() harmonize further code (which was started in the aforementioned commit) and add kobj related bits (through the now common lkpifill_pci_dev() code) to the DRM specific calls without adding the DRM allocated pci devices to the pci_devices list. Add a release for the lkpinew_pci_dev() (DRM) case so freeing will work. This allows the DRM created devices to use the normal kobj/refcount logic and work with, e.g., pci_dev_put(). (For a slightly more detailed code walk see the review). Sponsored-by: The FreeBSD Foundation Obtained-from: bz_iwlwifi (partially) MFC after: 3 days Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D28188
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