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The latest release of the FreeBSD driver (twa) for
3ware's 9xxx series controllers. This corresponds to the 9.2 release (for FreeBSD 5.2.1) on the 3ware website. Highlights of this release are: 1. The driver has been re-architected to use a "Common Layer" (all tw_cl* files), which is a consolidation of all OS-independent parts of the driver. The FreeBSD OS specific portions of the driver go into an "OS Layer" (all tw_osl* files). This re-architecture is to achieve better maintainability, consistency of behavior across OS's, and better portability to new OS's (drivers for new OS's can be written by just adding an OS Layer that's specific to the OS, by complying to a "Common Layer Programming Interface" API. 2. The driver takes advantage of multiple processors. 3. The driver has a new firmware image bundled, the new features of which include Online Capacity Expansion and multi-lun support, among others. More details about 3ware's 9.2 release can be found here: http://www.3ware.com/download/Escalade9000Series/9.2/9.2_Release_Notes_Web.pdf Since the Common Layer is used across OS's, the FreeBSD specific include path for header files (/sys/dev/twa) is not part of the #include pre-processor directive in any of the source files. For being able to integrate twa into the kernel despite this, Makefile.<arch> has been changed to add the include path to CFLAGS. Reviewed by: scottl
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=144966
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