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xen: implement hook to fetch and parse e820 memory map
e820 memory map is fetched using a hypercall under Xen PVH, so add a hook to init_ops in oder to diverge from bare metal and implement a Xen variant. Approved by: gibbs Sponsored by: Citrix Systems R&D x86/include/init.h: - Add a parse_memmap hook to init_ops, that will be called to fetch and parse the memory map. amd64/amd64/machdep.c: - Decouple the fetch and the parse of the memmap, so the parse function can be shared with Xen code. - Move code around in order to implement the parse_memmap hook. amd64/include/pc/bios.h: - Declare bios_add_smap_entries (implemented in machdep.c). x86/xen/pv.c: - Implement fetching of e820 memmap when running as a PVH guest by using the XENMEM_memory_map hypercall.
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