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Make bsd_disklabel_le_enc calculate the checksum and fill it in.
(If there is a legitimate need to correctly encode and pack a disklabel with an invalid checksum custom tools can be built for that.) Make bsd_disklabel_le_dec() validate the magics, number of partitions (against a new parameter) and the checksum. Vastly simplify the logic of the GEOM::BSD class implementation: Let g_bsd_modify() always take a byte-stream label. This simplifies all users, except the ioctl's which now have to convert to a byte-stream first. Their loss. g_bsd_modify() is called with topology held now, and it returns with it held. Always update the md5sum in g_bsd_modify(), otherwise the check is no use after the first modification of the label. Make the MD5 over the bytestream version of the label. Move the rawoffset hack to g_bsd_modify() and remove all the inram/ondisk conversions. Don't configure hotspots in g_bsd_modify(), do it in taste instead, we do not support moving the label to a different location on the fly anyway. This passes all current regression tests.
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