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- Fix detaching under some circumstances.
When truss is detaching from very active process it is possible to hang on waitpid(2) in restore_proc() forever, because ptrace(PT_SYSCALL) must be called before detaching, to allow the debugging process to continue execution. Also when truss called with '-c' argument, it does not print anything after detach, because it immediately exits from restore_proc(). To fix these two problems make detaching deferred, but then it is impossible to detach from a process which does not do any system call. To fix this issue use sigaction(2) instead of signal(3) to disable SA_RESTART flag for waitpid(2) that makes it non-restartable. Remove global variable child_pid, because now detaching is handled in context where child's pid is known. Reported by: mjg Tested by: mjg, swills Approved by: kib (mentor) MFC after: 2 weeks
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