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authorMarius Strobl <marius@FreeBSD.org>2006-05-16 21:04:01 +0000
committerMarius Strobl <marius@FreeBSD.org>2006-05-16 21:04:01 +0000
commit60c430f511ec69c2c1e205f60294a6ba395adf53 (patch)
tree2213bf49edb5f465f405e02463b4089c44d4d1aa /sys/dev/le/lancevar.h
parent79652c510ad6b055fdc2ce315e1a60808f0b731d (diff)
- Revert if_le_pci.c rev. 1.2; although lnc(4) is now gone, le_pci_probe()
still should return BUS_PROBE_LOW_PRIORITY instead of BUS_PROBE_DEFAULT in order to give pcn(4) a chance to attach in case it probes after le(4). - Rearrange the code related to RX interrupt handling so that ownership of RX descriptors is immediately returned to the NIC after we have copied the data of the hardware, allowing the NIC to already reuse the descriptor while we are processing the data in ifp->if_input(). This results in a small but measurable increase in RX throughput. As a side-effect, this moves the workaround for the LANCE revision C bug to am7900.c (still off by default as I doubt we will actually encounter such an old chip in a machine running FreeBSD) and the workaround for the bug in the VMware PCnet-PCI emulation to am79000.c, which is now also only compiled on i386 (resulting in a small increase in RX throughput on the other platforms). - Change the RX interrupt handlers so that the descriptor error bits are only check once in case there was no error instead of twice (inspired by the NetBSD pcn(4), which additionally predicts the error branch as false). - Fix the debugging output of the RX and TX interrupt handlers; while looping through the descriptors print info about the currently processed one instead of always the previously last used one; remove pointless printing of info about the RX descriptor bits after their values were reset. - Create the DMA tags used to allocate the memory for the init block, descriptors and packet buffers with the alignment the respective NIC actually requires rather than using PAGE_SIZE unconditionally. This might as well fix the alignment of the memory as it seems we do not inherit the alignment constraint from the parent DMA tag. - For the PCI variants double the number of RX descriptors and buffers from 8 to 16 as this minimizes the number of RX overflows im seeing with one NIC-mainboard combination. Nevertheless move reporting of overflows under debugging as they seem unavoidable with some crappy hardware. - Set the software style of the PCI variants to ILACC rather than PCnet-PCI as the former is was am79000.c actually implements. Should not make a difference for this driver though. - Fix the driver name part in the MODULE_DEPEND of the PCI front-end for ether. - Use different device descriptions for PCnet-Home and PCnet-PCI. - Fix some 0/NULL confusion in lance_get(). - Use bus_addr_t for sc_addr and bus_size_t for sc_memsize as these are more appropriate than u_long for these. - Remove the unused LE_DRIVER_NAME macro. - Add a comment describing why we are taking the LE_HTOLE* etc approach instead of using byteorder(9) functions directly. - Improve some comments and fix some wording. MFC after: 2 weeks
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=158663
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1 files changed, 51 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/sys/dev/le/lancevar.h b/sys/dev/le/lancevar.h
index 51149a6895dc..1c2142b77250 100644
--- a/sys/dev/le/lancevar.h
+++ b/sys/dev/le/lancevar.h
@@ -42,8 +42,6 @@
-#define LE_DRIVER_NAME "le"
extern devclass_t le_devclass;
struct lance_softc {
@@ -92,10 +90,10 @@ struct lance_softc {
uint16_t sc_conf3; /* CSR3 value */
- void *sc_mem; /* base address of RAM -- CPU's view */
- u_long sc_addr; /* base address of RAM -- LANCE's view */
+ void *sc_mem; /* base address of RAM - CPU's view */
+ bus_addr_t sc_addr; /* base address of RAM - LANCE's view */
- u_long sc_memsize; /* size of RAM */
+ bus_size_t sc_memsize; /* size of RAM */
int sc_nrbuf; /* number of receive buffers */
int sc_ntbuf; /* number of transmit buffers */
@@ -131,6 +129,11 @@ struct lance_softc {
#define LE_LOCK_ASSERT(_sc, _what) mtx_assert(&(_sc)->sc_mtx, (_what))
#define LE_LOCK_DESTROY(_sc) mtx_destroy(&(_sc)->sc_mtx)
+ * Unfortunately, manual byte swapping is only necessary for the PCnet-PCI
+ * variants but not for the original LANCE or ILACC so we cannot do this
+ * with #ifdefs resolved at compile time.
+ */
#define LE_HTOLE16(v) (((sc)->sc_flags & LE_BSWAP) ? htole16(v) : (v))
#define LE_HTOLE32(v) (((sc)->sc_flags & LE_BSWAP) ? htole32(v) : (v))
#define LE_LE16TOH(v) (((sc)->sc_flags & LE_BSWAP) ? le16toh(v) : (v))
@@ -143,7 +146,7 @@ void lance_suspend(struct lance_softc *);
void lance_resume(struct lance_softc *);
void lance_init_locked(struct lance_softc *);
int lance_put(struct lance_softc *, int, struct mbuf *);
-void lance_read(struct lance_softc *, int, int);
+struct mbuf *lance_get(struct lance_softc *, int, int);
void lance_setladrf(struct lance_softc *, u_int16_t *);
@@ -166,4 +169,46 @@ void lance_copyfrombuf_gap16(struct lance_softc *, void *, int, int);
void lance_zerobuf_gap16(struct lance_softc *, int, int);
#endif /* Example only */
+ * Compare two Ether/802 addresses for equality, inlined and
+ * unrolled for speed. Use this like memcmp().
+ *
+ * XXX: Add <machine/inlines.h> for stuff like this?
+ * XXX: or maybe add it to libkern.h instead?
+ *
+ * "I'd love to have an inline assembler version of this."
+ * XXX: Who wanted that? mycroft? I wrote one, but this
+ * version in C is as good as hand-coded assembly. -gwr
+ *
+ * Please do NOT tweak this without looking at the actual
+ * assembly code generated before and after your tweaks!
+ */
+static inline uint16_t
+ether_cmp(void *one, void *two)
+ uint16_t *a = (u_short *)one;
+ uint16_t *b = (u_short *)two;
+ uint16_t diff;
+#ifdef m68k
+ /*
+ * The post-increment-pointer form produces the best
+ * machine code for m68k. This was carefully tuned
+ * so it compiles to just 8 short (2-byte) op-codes!
+ */
+ diff = *a++ - *b++;
+ diff |= *a++ - *b++;
+ diff |= *a++ - *b++;
+ /*
+ * Most modern CPUs do better with a single expresion.
+ * Note that short-cut evaluation is NOT helpful here,
+ * because it just makes the code longer, not faster!
+ */
+ diff = (a[0] - b[0]) | (a[1] - b[1]) | (a[2] - b[2]);
+ return (diff);
#endif /* _DEV_LE_LANCEVAR_H_ */