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Add NTB driver for PLX/Avago/Broadcom PCIe switches.
This driver supports both NTB-to-NTB and NTB-to-Root Port modes (though the second with predictable complications on hot-plug and reboot events). I tested it with PEX 8717 and PEX 8733 chips, but expect it should work with many other compatible ones too. It supports up to two NT bridges per chip, each of which can have up to 2 64-bit or 4 32-bit memory windows, 6 or 12 scratchpad registers and 16 doorbells. There are also 4 DMA engines in those chips, but they are not yet supported. While there, rename Intel NTB driver from generic ntb_hw(4) to more specific ntb_hw_intel(4), so now it is on par with this new ntb_hw_plx(4) driver and alike to Linux naming. MFC after: 2 weeks Sponsored by: iXsystems, Inc.
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device wpifw
+# Non-Transparent Bridge (NTB) drivers
+device if_ntb # Virtual NTB network interface
+device ntb_transport # NTB packet transport driver
+device ntb # NTB hardware interface
+device ntb_hw_intel # Intel NTB hardware driver
+device ntb_hw_plx # PLX NTB hardware driver
# ATA raid adapters
device pst