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Add a cap on credential lifetime for Kerberized NFS.
The kernel RPCSEC_GSS code sets the credential (called a client) lifetime to the lifetime of the Kerberos ticket, which is typically several hours. As such, when a user's credentials change such as being added to a new group, it can take several hours for this change to be recognized by the NFS server. This patch adds a sysctl called kern.rpc.gss.lifetime_max which can be set by a sysadmin to put a cap on the time to expire for the credentials, so that a sysadmin can reduce the timeout. It also fixes a bug, where time_uptime is added twice when GSS_C_INDEFINITE is returned for a lifetime. This has no effect in practice, sine Kerberos never does this. Tested by: pen@lysator.liu.se PR: 242132 Submitted by: pen@lysator.liu.se MFC after: 2 weeks
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