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tcp: Missing mfree in rack and bbr
Recently (Nov) we added logic that protects against a peer negotiating a timestamp, and then not including a timestamp. This involved in the input path doing a goto done_with_input label. Now I suspect the code was cribbed from one in Rack that has to do with the SYN. This had a bug, i.e. it should have a m_freem(m) before going to the label (bbr had this missing m_freem() but rack did not). This then caused the missing m_freem to show up in both BBR and Rack. Also looking at the code referencing m->m_pkthdr.lro_nsegs later (after processing) is not a good idea, even though its only for logging. Best to copy that off before any frees can take place. Reviewed by: mtuexen Sponsored by: Netflix Inc Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D30727 (cherry picked from commit ba1b3e48f5be320f0590bc357ea53fdc3e4edc65)
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