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authorMike Barcroft <mike@FreeBSD.org>2003-02-08 20:37:55 +0000
committerMike Barcroft <mike@FreeBSD.org>2003-02-08 20:37:55 +0000
commit8cf5ed5125ca8f57fa6f27892f3fbda25a52d354 (patch)
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parent856417ebfd05b1330ae28035e7582e0b543b7619 (diff)
Implement fpclassify():
o Add a MD header private to libc called _fpmath.h; this header contains bitfield layouts of MD floating-point types. o Add a MI header private to libc called fpmath.h; this header contains bitfield layouts of MI floating-point types. o Add private libc variables to lib/libc/$arch/gen/infinity.c for storing NaN values. o Add __double_t and __float_t to <machine/_types.h>, and provide double_t and float_t typedefs in <math.h>. o Add some C99 manifest constants (FP_ILOGB0, FP_ILOGBNAN, HUGE_VALF, HUGE_VALL, INFINITY, NAN, and return values for fpclassify()) to <math.h> and others (FLT_EVAL_METHOD, DECIMAL_DIG) to <float.h> via <machine/float.h>. o Add C99 macro fpclassify() which calls __fpclassify{d,f,l}() based on the size of its argument. __fpclassifyl() is never called on alpha because (sizeof(long double) == sizeof(double)), which is good since __fpclassifyl() can't deal with such a small `long double'. This was developed by David Schultz and myself with input from bde and fenner. PR: 23103 Submitted by: David Schultz <dschultz@uclink.Berkeley.EDU> (significant portions) Reviewed by: bde, fenner (earlier versions)
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=110566
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2 files changed, 4 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/sys/sparc64/include/_types.h b/sys/sparc64/include/_types.h
index d30c9484d8d0..31185964ef74 100644
--- a/sys/sparc64/include/_types.h
+++ b/sys/sparc64/include/_types.h
@@ -56,6 +56,8 @@ typedef unsigned long __uint64_t;
typedef __int32_t __clock_t; /* clock()... */
typedef __int64_t __critical_t;
+typedef double __double_t;
+typedef float __float_t;
typedef __int64_t __intfptr_t;
typedef __int64_t __intmax_t;
typedef __int64_t __intptr_t;
diff --git a/sys/sparc64/include/float.h b/sys/sparc64/include/float.h
index 96eab375c2f5..e9fb8d003821 100644
--- a/sys/sparc64/include/float.h
+++ b/sys/sparc64/include/float.h
@@ -55,6 +55,8 @@ __END_DECLS
#define FLT_RADIX 2 /* b */
#define FLT_ROUNDS __flt_rounds()
+#define FLT_EVAL_METHOD 0 /* no promotion */
+#define DECIMAL_DIG 35 /* max precision in decimal digits */
#define FLT_MANT_DIG 24 /* p */
#define FLT_EPSILON 1.19209290E-7F /* b**(1-p) */