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kern_tc.c: Scaling/large delta recalculationHEADmain
This change is a slight performance optimization for systems with a slow 64-bit division. The th->th_scale and th->th_large_delta values only depend on the timecounter frequency and the th->th_adjustment. The timecounter frequency of a timehand only changes when a new timecounter is activated for the timehand. The th->th_adjustment is only changed by the NTP second update. The NTP second update is not done for every call of tc_windup(). Move the code block to recalculate the scaling factor and the large delta of a timehand to the new helper function recalculate_scaling_factor_and_large_delta(). Call recalculate_scaling_factor_and_large_delta() when a new timecounter is activated and a NTP second update occurred. MFC after: 1 week
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