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Rework pathconf handling for FIFOs.
On the one hand, FIFOs should respect other variables not supported by the fifofs vnode operation (such as _PC_NAME_MAX, _PC_LINK_MAX, etc.). These values are fs-specific and must come from a fs-specific method. On the other hand, filesystems that support FIFOs are required to support _PC_PIPE_BUF on directory vnodes that can contain FIFOs. Given this latter requirement, once the fs-specific VOP_PATHCONF method supports _PC_PIPE_BUF for directories, it is also suitable for FIFOs permitting a single VOP_PATHCONF method to be used for both FIFOs and non-FIFOs. To that end, retire all of the FIFO-specific pathconf methods from filesystems and change FIFO-specific vnode operation switches to use the existing fs-specific VOP_PATHCONF method. For fifofs, set it's VOP_PATHCONF to VOP_PANIC since it should no longer be used. While here, move _PC_PIPE_BUF handling out of vop_stdpathconf() so that only filesystems supporting FIFOs will report a value. In addition, only report a valid _PC_PIPE_BUF for directories and FIFOs. Discussed with: bde Reviewed by: kib (part of a larger patch) MFC after: 1 month Sponsored by: Chelsio Communications Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D12572
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