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Add abstime kqueue(2) timers and expand struct kevent members.
This change implements NOTE_ABSTIME flag for EVFILT_TIMER, which specifies that the data field contains absolute time to fire the event. To make this useful, data member of the struct kevent must be extended to 64bit. Using the opportunity, I also added ext members. This changes struct kevent almost to Apple struct kevent64, except I did not changed type of ident and udata, the later would cause serious API incompatibilities. The type of ident was kept uintptr_t since EVFILT_AIO returns a pointer in this field, and e.g. CHERI is sensitive to the type (discussed with brooks, jhb). Unlike Apple kevent64, symbol versioning allows us to claim ABI compatibility and still name the new syscall kevent(2). Compat shims are provided for both host native and compat32. Requested by: bapt Reviewed by: bapt, brooks, ngie (previous version) Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation Differential revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D11025
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