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Fix a number of spl bugs related to reserving and freeing swap space.
Swap space can be freed from an interrupt and so swap reservation and freeing must occur at splvm. Add swap_pager_reserve() code to support a new swap pre-reservation capability for the VN device. Generally cleanup the swap code by simplifying the swp_pager_meta_build() static function and consolidating the SWAPBLK_NONE test from a bit test to an absolute compare. The bit test was left over from a rejected swap allocation scheme that was not ultimately committed. A few other minor cleanups were also made. Reorganize the swap strategy code, again for VN support, to not reallocate swap when writing as this messes up pre-reservation and can fragment I/O unnecessarily as VN-baesd disk is messed around with. Reviewed by: Alan Cox <alc@cs.rice.edu>, David Greenman <dg@root.com>
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