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bhnd(4): extend the PMU APIs to support bwn(4)
The bwn(4) driver requires a number of extensions to the bhnd(4) PMU interface to support external configuration of PLLs, LDOs, and other parameters that require chipset or PHY-specific workarounds. These changes add support for: - Writing raw voltage register values to PHY-specific LDO regulator registers (required by LP-PHY). - Enabling/disabling PHY-specific LDOs (required by LP-PHY) - Writing to arbitrary PMU chipctrl registers (required for common PHY PLL reset support). - Requesting chipset/PLL-specific spurious signal avoidance modes. - Querying clock frequency and latency. Additionally, rather than updating legacy PWRCTL support to conform to the new PMU interface: - PWRCTL API is now provided by a bhnd_pwrctl_if.m interface. - Since PWRCTL is only found in older SSB-based chipsets, translation from bhnd(4) bus APIs to corresponding PWRCTL operations is now handled entirely within the siba(4) driver. - The PWRCTL-specific host bridge clock gating APIs in bhnd_bus_if.m have been lifted out into a standalone bhnd_pwrctl_hostb_if.m interface. Approved by: adrian (mentor, implicit) Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D12664
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