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Add dtb overlays support
DTB Overlays are useful to change/add nodes to a dtb without the need to modify it. Add support for building dtbo during buildkernel. The goal of DTBO present in the FreeBSD source tree is to fill a gap in time when we submit changes upstream (Linux). Instead of waiting 2 to 4 months we can add a DTBO in tree in the meantime. This is not for adding DTBO for capes/hat/addon boards, those will be better to put in a ports. This is also not for enabling a i2c/spi/pwm controller on certain pins, each user have a different use case for those (which pins to use etc ...) and we cannot have all possible configuration. Add a dtbo for sun8i-h3-sid which add the SID node missing in upstream dts. Reviewed by: kevans Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D14782
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=331499
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diff --git a/sys/tools/fdt/make_dtbo.sh b/sys/tools/fdt/make_dtbo.sh
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+++ b/sys/tools/fdt/make_dtbo.sh
@@ -0,0 +1,26 @@
+# $FreeBSD$
+# Script generates dtbo file ($3) from dtso source ($2) in build tree S ($1)
+if [ -z "$dtso" ]; then
+ echo "No DTS overlays specified"
+ exit 1
+if [ -z "${MACHINE}" ]; then
+ MACHINE=$(uname -m)
+: ${DTC:=dtc}
+for d in ${dtso}; do
+ dtb=${dtbo_path}/`basename $d .dtso`.dtbo
+ echo "converting $d -> $dtb"
+ cpp -P -x assembler-with-cpp -I $S/gnu/dts/include -I $S/dts/${MACHINE} -I $S/gnu/dts/${MACHINE} -include $d /dev/null |
+ ${DTC} -@ -O dtb -o $dtb -i $S/dts/${MACHINE} -i $S/gnu/dts/${MACHINE}