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wpa_supplicant uses PF_ROUTE to return the routing table in order to
determine the length of the routing table buffer. As of 81728a538d24 wpa_supplicant is started before the routing table has been populated resulting in the length of zero to be returned. This causes wpa_supplicant to loop endlessly. (The workaround is to kill and restart wpa_supplicant as by the time it is restarted the routing table is populated.) (Personally, I was not able to reproduce this unless wlan0 was a member of lagg0. However, others experienced this problem on standalone wlan0.) PR: 252844 Submitted by: shu <ankohuu _ outlook.com> Reported by: shu <ankohuu _ outlook.com> Reviewed by: cy X-MFC with: 81728a538d24f483d0986850fa3f51d5d84d8f26 Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D28249
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