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vfs_mount.c: Free exports structures in vfs_destroy_mount()HEADmain
During testing of exporting file systems in jails, I noticed that the export structures on a mount were not being free'd when the mount is dismounted. This bug appears to have been in the system for a very long time. It would have resulted in a slow memory leak when exported file systems were dismounted. Prior to r362158, freeing the structures during dismount would not have been safe, since VFS_CHECKEXP() returned a pointer into an export structure, which might still have been used by the NFS server for an in-progress RPC when the file system is dismounted. r362158 fixed this, so it should now be safe to free the structures in vfs_mount_destroy(), which is what this patch does. Reviewed by: kib MFC after: 1 month Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D38385
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