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authorEd Maste <emaste@FreeBSD.org>2020-02-29 17:10:54 +0000
committerEd Maste <emaste@FreeBSD.org>2020-02-29 17:10:54 +0000
commit134b378392a81b2a11b23fac073c306087a421ef (patch)
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retire in-tree GPL dtc devicetree compiler
Now that we no longer have GCC 4.2.1 in the tree and can assume FreeBSD is being built with a C++11 compiler available, we can use BSDL dtc unconditionally and retire the GPL dtc. GPL dtc now has FreeBSD CI support via Cirrus-CI to help ensure it continues to build/work on FreeBSD and is available in the ports tree if needed. The copy of (copyfree licensed) libfdt that we actually use is in sys/contrib/libfdt so the extra copy under contrib/dtc/libfdt can be removed along with the rest of the GPL dtc. Reviewed by: kevans, ian, imp, manu, theraven Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D23192
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=358468
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2 files changed, 1 insertions, 10 deletions
diff --git a/targets/pseudo/userland/Makefile.depend b/targets/pseudo/userland/Makefile.depend
index 6efd31c53015..ead4d94823bd 100644
--- a/targets/pseudo/userland/Makefile.depend
+++ b/targets/pseudo/userland/Makefile.depend
@@ -188,6 +188,7 @@ DIRDEPS+= \
usr.bin/dirname \
usr.bin/dpv \
usr.bin/drill \
+ usr.bin/dtc \
usr.bin/du \
usr.bin/ee \
usr.bin/elf2aout \
@@ -855,10 +856,6 @@ DIRDEPS+= usr.sbin/cxgbetool
DIRDEPS+= usr.sbin/mlx5tool
-.if ${MK_GPL_DTC} != "yes"
-DIRDEPS+= usr.bin/dtc
diff --git a/targets/pseudo/userland/gnu/Makefile.depend b/targets/pseudo/userland/gnu/Makefile.depend
index db1410c8b737..d0007cbc8efd 100644
--- a/targets/pseudo/userland/gnu/Makefile.depend
+++ b/targets/pseudo/userland/gnu/Makefile.depend
@@ -1,8 +1,6 @@
# $FreeBSD$
-.if !defined(MK_GPL_DTC)
.include "${SRCTOP}/share/mk/src.opts.mk"
# This file is not autogenerated - take care!
@@ -33,8 +31,4 @@ DIRDEPS = \
gnu/usr.bin/grep \
gnu/usr.bin/grep/doc \
-.if ${MK_GPL_DTC} != "no"
-DIRDEPS+= gnu/usr.bin/dtc
.include <dirdeps.mk>