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+src/tests: The FreeBSD test suite
+Usage of the FreeBSD test suite:
+(1) Run the tests:
+ kyua test -k /usr/tests/Kyuafile
+(2) See the test results:
+ kyua report
+For further information on using the test suite, read tests(7):
+ man tests
+Description of FreeBSD test suite
+The build of the test suite is organized in the following manner:
+* The build of all test artifacts is protected by the MK_TESTS knob.
+ The user can disable these with the WITHOUT_TESTS setting in
+ src.conf(5).
+* The goal for /usr/tests/ (the installed test programs) is to follow
+ the same hierarchy as /usr/src/ wherever possible, which in turn drives
+ several of the design decisions described below. This simplifies the
+ discoverability of tests. We want a mapping such as:
+ /usr/src/bin/cp/ -> /usr/tests/bin/cp/
+ /usr/src/lib/libc/ -> /usr/tests/lib/libc/
+ /usr/src/usr.bin/cut/ -> /usr/tests/usr.bin/cut/
+ ... and many more ...
+* Test programs for specific utilities and libraries are located next
+ to the source code of such programs. For example, the tests for the
+ src/lib/libcrypt/ library live in src/lib/libcrypt/tests/. The tests/
+ subdirectory is optional and should, in general, be avoided.
+* The src/tests/ hierarchy (this directory) provides generic test
+ infrastructure and glue code to join all test programs together into
+ a single test suite definition.
+* The src/tests/ hierarchy also includes cross-functional test programs:
+ i.e. test programs that cover more than a single utility or library
+ and thus don't fit anywhere else in the tree. Consider this to follow
+ the same rationale as src/share/man/: this directory contains generic
+ manual pages while the manual pages that are specific to individual
+ tools or libraries live next to the source code.
+In order to keep the src/tests/ hierarchy decoupled from the actual test
+programs being installed --which is a worthy goal because it simplifies
+the addition of new test programs and simplifies the maintenance of the
+tree-- the top-level Kyuafile does not know which subdirectories may
+exist upfront. Instead, such Kyuafile automatically detects, at
+run-time, which */Kyuafile files exist and uses those directly.
+Similarly, every directory in src/ that wants to install a Kyuafile to
+just recurse into other subdirectories reuses this Kyuafile with
+auto-discovery features. As an example, take a look at src/lib/tests/
+whose sole purpose is to install a Kyuafile into /usr/tests/lib/.
+The goal in this specific case is for /usr/tests/lib/ to be generated
+entirely from src/lib/.