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Revert drm2 removal.
Revert r338177, r338176, r338175, r338174, r338172 After long consultations with re@, core members and mmacy, revert these changes. Followup changes will be made to mark them as deprecated and prent a message about where to find the up-to-date driver. Followup commits will be made to make this clear in the installer. Followup commits to reduce POLA in ways we're still exploring. It's anticipated that after the freeze, this will be removed in 13-current (with the residual of the drm2 code copied to sys/arm/dev/drm2 for the TEGRA port's use w/o the intel or radeon drivers). Due to the impending freeze, there was no formal core vote for this. I've been talking to different core members all day, as well as Matt Macey and Glen Barber. Nobody is completely happy, all are grudgingly going along with this. Work is in progress to mitigate the negative effects as much as possible. Requested by: re@ (gjb, rgrimes)
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+# Doxyfile 1.5.2
+# $FreeBSD$
+# Project related configuration options
+PROJECT_NAME = "FreeBSD kernel DRM device code"
+EXTRACT_ALL = YES # for undocumented src, no warnings enabled
+# configuration options related to the input files
+INPUT = $(DOXYGEN_SRC_PATH)/dev/drm/ \
+GENERATE_TAGFILE = dev_drm/dev_drm.tag
+@INCLUDE = common-Doxyfile