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Add comment explaining Git commit message hook
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+# prepare-commit-msg: Prepare a commit message upon `git commit` for the
+# user to edit. A script (rather than a static template) is used, so
+# that we can insert our template text other than at the top of the
+# message.
+# Install by copying into the git hooks directory - for example,
+# cp tools/tools/git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg .git/hooks/
case "$2" in
# It appears git invokes this script for interactive rebase but does
@@ -21,7 +29,9 @@ outfile=$(mktemp /tmp/freebsd-git-commit.XXXXXXXX)
# 1. The beginning of the git-provided template (up to the first comment-only
# line) which explains commented lines and such.
# 2. Our template.
# 3. The remainder of the git-provided template (from the first comment-only
# line to the end of the file) which lists files staged for commit, files
# not staged, and untracked files.