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OpenSSL: Support for kernel TLS offload (KTLS)
This merges upstream patches from OpenSSL's master branch to add KTLS infrastructure for TLS 1.0-1.3 including both RX and TX offload and SSL_sendfile support on both Linux and FreeBSD. Note that TLS 1.3 only supports TX offload. A new WITH/WITHOUT_OPENSSL_KTLS determines if OpenSSL is built with KTLS support. It defaults to enabled on amd64 and disabled on all other architectures. Reviewed by: jkim (earlier version) Approved by: secteam Obtained from: OpenSSL (patches from master) MFC after: 1 week Relnotes: yes Sponsored by: Netflix Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D28273
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diff --git a/tools/build/options/WITHOUT_OPENSSL_KTLS b/tools/build/options/WITHOUT_OPENSSL_KTLS
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+Set to not include kernel TLS support in OpenSSL.
diff --git a/tools/build/options/WITH_OPENSSL_KTLS b/tools/build/options/WITH_OPENSSL_KTLS
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--- /dev/null
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+Set to include kernel TLS support in OpenSSL.