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Use EFI RTC capabilities info when registering, add bootverbose diagnostics.
Make some small improvements to the efirtc driver by obtaining the clock capabilities (resolution and whether the sub-second counters are reset) and using the info when registering the clock. When the hardware zeroes out the subsecond info on clock-set, schedule clock updates to happen just before top-of-second, so that the RTC time is closely in-sync with kernel time. Also, in the identify() routine, always add the driver if EFI runtime services are available, then decide in probe() whether to attach the driver or not. If not attaching and bootverbose is on, say why. All of this is basically to avoid "silent failure" -- if someone thinks there should be an efi rtc and it's not attaching, at least they can set bootverbose and maybe get a clue from the output. Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D14565 (timed out)
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