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Implenent --fromfile to read variable values when printing variables
So ./efivar --fromfile Boot0001.bin --print --load-option will take the value from Boot0001.bin file and then decode it as if it were a load-option. This is useful for debugging handling of such variables that may be hanging the boot for some people. Sponsored by: Netflix, Inc
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=339797
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@@ -86,8 +86,17 @@ This flag implies
.Fl -write
unless the
.Fl -append
-flag is given.
-This behavior is not well understood and is currently unimplemented.
+.Fl -print
+flags are given.
+This behavior is not well understood and is currently unimplemented
+for writes.
+.Fl -print
+is specified, the contents of the file are used as the value to
+print using any other specified flags.
+This is used primarily for testing purposes for more complicated
+variable decoding.
.It Fl a Fl -append
Append the specified value to the UEFI variable rather than replacing