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diff --git a/release/doc/share/sgml/release.ent b/release/doc/share/sgml/release.ent
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--- a/release/doc/share/sgml/release.ent
+++ b/release/doc/share/sgml/release.ent
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<!-- Version of the OS we're describing. This needs to be updated
with each new release. -->
-<!ENTITY release.current "8.0-CURRENT">
+<!ENTITY release.current "8.0-RELEASE">
<!-- The previous version used for comparison in the "What's New"
section. For -CURRENT, we might point back to the last
branchpoint. -->
-<!ENTITY release.prev "7.0-RELEASE">
-<!-- The previous stable release, useful for pointing user's at the
- release they SHOULD be running if they don't want the bleeding
- edge. -->
-<!ENTITY release.prev.stable "7.0-RELEASE">
+<!ENTITY release.prev "7.2-RELEASE">
<!-- The next version to be released, usually used for snapshots. -->
-<!ENTITY release.next "8.0-RELEASE">
+<!ENTITY release.next "8.1-RELEASE">
<!-- The name of this branch. -->
-<!ENTITY release.branch "8-CURRENT">
+<!ENTITY release.branch "8.0-STABLE">
<!-- The URL for obtaining this version of FreeBSD. -->
-<!ENTITY release.url "http://www.FreeBSD.org/snapshots/">
+<!ENTITY release.url "http://www.FreeBSD.org/">
<!-- The type of release (usually this will be either "snapshot"
or "release" -->
-<!ENTITY release.type "snapshot">
-<!ENTITY % release.type.current "INCLUDE">
+<!ENTITY release.type "release">
+<!ENTITY % release.type.current "IGNORE">
<!ENTITY % release.type.snapshot "IGNORE">
-<!ENTITY % release.type.release "IGNORE">
+<!ENTITY % release.type.release "INCLUDE">
<!-- The manpaths for man page references -->
<!ENTITY release.man.url "http://www.FreeBSD.org/cgi/man.cgi">
-<!ENTITY release.manpath.xfree86 "4.5.0">
-<!ENTITY release.manpath.xorg "7.2">
-<!ENTITY release.manpath.netbsd "3.0">
+<!ENTITY release.manpath.xorg "7.4">
+<!ENTITY release.manpath.netbsd "4.0.1">
<!ENTITY release.manpath.freebsd-ports "Ports">
-<!ENTITY release.manpath.freebsd "8-current">
+<!ENTITY release.manpath.freebsd "8.0-RELEASE">
<!-- Text constants which probably don't need to be changed.-->