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diff --git a/bin/ps/ps.1 b/bin/ps/ps.1
index 10dd6af7f85d..605cbae9daeb 100644
--- a/bin/ps/ps.1
+++ b/bin/ps/ps.1
@@ -492,6 +492,8 @@ command
command and arguments
.It Cm cpu
short-term CPU usage factor (for scheduling)
+.It Cm emul
+system-call emulation environment
.It Cm etime
elapsed running time, format
.Op days- Ns
@@ -527,6 +529,8 @@ lock currently blocked on (as a symbolic name)
login name of user who started the session
.It Cm lstart
time started
+.It Cm lwp
+process thread-id
.It Cm majflt
total page faults
.It Cm minflt
@@ -542,6 +546,8 @@ nice value (alias
.Cm ni )
.It Cm nivcsw
total involuntary context switches
+.It Cm nlwp
+number of threads tied to a process
.It Cm nsigs
total signals taken (alias
.Cm nsignals )
@@ -562,8 +568,6 @@ pageins (same as majflt)
process group number
.It Cm pid
process ID
-.It Cm poip
-pageouts in progress
.It Cm ppid
parent process ID
.It Cm pri
@@ -574,8 +578,6 @@ core residency time (in seconds; 127 = infinity)
real group ID
.It Cm rgroup
group name (from rgid)
-.It Cm rlink
-reverse link on run queue, or 0
.It Cm rss
resident set size
.It Cm rtprio
@@ -630,8 +632,6 @@ text size (in Kbytes)
control terminal name (two letter abbreviation)
.It Cm tty
full name of control terminal
-.It Cm uprocp
-process pointer
.It Cm ucomm
name to be used for accounting
.It Cm uid
@@ -640,6 +640,8 @@ effective user ID (alias
.It Cm upr
scheduling priority on return from system call (alias
.Cm usrpri )
+.It Cm uprocp
+process pointer
.It Cm user
user name (from UID)
.It Cm usertime