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@@ -26,14 +26,14 @@ NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT FreeBSD 13.x IS SLOW:
world, or to merely disable the most expensive debugging functionality
at runtime, run "ln -s 'abort:false,junk:false' /etc/malloc.conf".)
The internal pre-processor in the calendar(1) program has been
extended to support more C pre-processor commands (e.g. #ifdef, #else,
and #undef) and to detect unbalanced conditional statements.
Error messages have been extended to include the filename and line
number if processing stops to help fixing malformed data files.
All the data files for the calendar(1) program, except calendar.freebsd,
have been moved to the deskutils/calendar-data port, much like the
jewish calendar entries were moved to deskutils/hebcal years ago. After