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+# $FreeBSD$
+# This file lists DTrace tests which are known to fail or hang/crash the
+# system. They were pulled from the legacy DTrace test infrastructure in
+# tools/tests/dtrace and may be out of date.
+# Tests are listed here generally because one or more of the following is true:
+# 1) The test is broken (usually because it assumes it's running on Solaris and
+# the test encodes some sort of Solarisism).
+# 2) The functionality being tested is buggy (often but not always the result
+# of a FreeBSD-specific bug).
+# 3) The test relies on DTrace functionality that's not yet available in FreeBSD
+# (e.g. tests for a specific SDT provider that we don't have).
+# An end goal is to remove this file, concentrating first on instances of
+# 1) and 2).
+# The SKIP variable contains tests that should not be executed at all. The
+# EXFAIL variable contains tests that are expected to fail when run. Please
+# avoid adding tests to SKIP unless it really is necessary; with EXFAIL, tests
+# that begin passing as the result of a change are visible in the test summary.
+ eval $1=\"\$$1\\n$2\"
+exclude EXFAIL common/aggs/tst.subr.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/dtraceUtil/tst.DataModel32.d.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/dtraceUtil/tst.ELFGenerationOut.d.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/dtraceUtil/tst.ELFGenerationWithO.d.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/funcs/tst.copyin.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/funcs/tst.copyinto.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/funcs/tst.ddi_pathname.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/io/tst.fds.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.ipv4localudp.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/mdb/tst.dtracedcmd.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/misc/tst.dofmax.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/misc/tst.include.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/pragma/tst.libchain.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/safety/tst.copyin2.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/safety/tst.msgdsize.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/safety/tst.msgsize.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/safety/tst.zonename.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/scalars/tst.misc.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/scalars/tst.selfarray2.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/sched/tst.enqueue.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/speculation/tst.SpecSizeVariations3.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/tracemem/err.D_TRACEMEM_ADDR.badaddr.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/translators/tst.TestTransStability2.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/types/tst.struct.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/types/tst.typedef.d
+# We don't have a cpc provider.
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.D_PDESC_ZERO.lowfrequency.d
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.D_PDESC_ZERO.malformedoverflow.d
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.D_PDESC_ZERO.nonexistentevent.d
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.cpcvscpustatpart1.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.cpcvscpustatpart2.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.cputrackfailtostart.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.cputrackterminates.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.toomanyenablings.d
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/tst.allcpus.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/tst.genericevent.d
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/tst.platformevent.ksh
+# We don't have a mib provider.
+exclude EXFAIL common/mib/tst.icmp.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/mib/tst.tcp.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/mib/tst.udp.ksh
+# At the moment dtrace(1) always needs to run as root.
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.fds.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.func_access.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.getf.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.op_access.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.procpriv.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.providers.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.unpriv_funcs.ksh
+# These tests hang for reasons unknown.
+exclude SKIP common/buffering/tst.ring3.d
+exclude SKIP common/funcs/tst.chill.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/funcs/tst.index.d
+# No Java support at the moment.
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.Abort.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.Bean.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.Close.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.Drop.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.Enable.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.FunctionLookup.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.GetAggregate.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.MaxConsumers.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.MultiAggPrinta.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.ProbeData.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.ProbeDescription.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.StateMachine.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.StopLock.ksh
+# Expects specific formatting from banner(6).
+exclude EXFAIL common/aggs/tst.aggpackbanner.ksh
+# Test assumes we're running on a Solaris kernel.
+exclude EXFAIL common/misc/tst.roch.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/predicates/tst.argsnotcached.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/safety/tst.vahole.d
+# Tests that depend on the plockstat provider.
+exclude EXFAIL common/plockstat/tst.available.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/plockstat/tst.libmap.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.andpid.ksh
+# Depends on java.
+exclude SKIP common/drops/drp.DTRACEDROP_STKSTROVERFLOW.d
+# Interrupt priority isn't relevant on FreeBSD.
+exclude SKIP common/builtinvar/tst.ipl.d
+exclude SKIP common/builtinvar/tst.ipl1.d
+# These tests rely on being able to find a host via broadcast pings.
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.ipv4remotetcp.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.ipv4remoteudp.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.ipv6remoteicmp.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.ipv4remoteicmp.ksh
+# FreeBSD never places tcpcbs in the TIME_WAIT state, so the probe never fires.
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.localtcpstate.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.remotetcpstate.ksh
+# Depends on the number of probes in /bin/sh and the current DOF limit.
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/err.D_PROC_CREATEFAIL.many.d
+# Tries to enable pid$target:libc::entry, though there's no "libc" module.
+# Currently unsure as to whether this might be a libproc bug.
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/tst.probemod.ksh
+# Assumes date(1) has a pid$target::main:return probe.
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/tst.newprobes.ksh
+# libproc+librtld_db don't handle dlopen(2) yet.
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/tst.provregex2.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/tst.provregex4.ksh
+# libproc doesn't properly handle probe sites that correspond to multiple
+# symbols.
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/tst.weak1.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/tst.weak2.d
+# This test checks for a leading tab on a line before #define. That is illegal
+# on Solaris, but the clang pre-processor on FreeBSD is happy with code like
+# that.
+exclude EXFAIL common/preprocessor/err.D_PRAGCTL_INVAL.tabdefine.d
+# This test uses proc:::signal-handle, which we don't appear to have.
+exclude EXFAIL common/proc/tst.signal.ksh
+# This test uses proc:::lwp-start, which we don't appear to have.
+exclude EXFAIL common/proc/tst.startexit.ksh
+# This test causes a panic at the moment because fbt instruments the lock class'
+# lc_owned method.
+exclude SKIP common/safety/tst.rw.d
+# Depends on some implementation details of the runtime linker.
+exclude EXFAIL common/vars/tst.ucaller.ksh
+# These rely on process attributes that FreeBSD doesn't carry.
+exclude EXFAIL common/scripting/tst.projid.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/scripting/tst.taskid.ksh
+# This test expects its test program to be installed without CTF data, but
+# the rest of the programs for this feature need CTF data. Not yet sure how
+# to build that.
+exclude EXFAIL common/uctf/tst.libtype.ksh
+# libproc doesn't have linkmap support yet.
+exclude EXFAIL common/uctf/tst.linkmap.ksh
+# Uses Sun-specific compiler options.
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.badguess.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.guess32.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.guess64.ksh
+# Generated headers include <sys/sdt.h>, so _DTRACE_VERSION is always defined.
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.nodtrace.ksh
+# The second dtrace -G invocation returns an error with "no probes found," which
+# makes sense to me. Not yet sure what the expected behaviour is here.
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.static2.ksh
+# Uses the Solaris-specific ppriv(1).
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.user.ksh