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# News
+## 3.3.0
+This is a production release that changes one behavior and fixes documentation
+The changed behavior is the treatment of `-e` and `-f` when given through
+`BC_ENV_ARGS` or `DC_ENV_ARGS`. Now `bc` and `dc` do not exit when those options
+(or their equivalents) are given through those environment variables. However,
+`bc` and `dc` still exit when they or their equivalents are given on the
+## 3.2.7
+This is a production release that removes a small non-portable shell operation
+in `configure.sh`. This problem was only noticed on OpenBSD, not FreeBSD or
+Non-OpenBSD users do ***NOT*** need to upgrade, although NetBSD users may also
+need to upgrade.
## 3.2.6
This is a production release that fixes the build on FreeBSD.