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<C><H4>Internet Software Consortium</H4></C>
<C><H4>Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Distribution</H4></C>
-<C><H4>Version 2 Patchlevel 1</H4></C>
-<C><H4>June 24, 2000</H4></C>
+<C><H4>Version 2 Patchlevel 2</H4></C>
+<C><H4>June 30, 2000</H4></C>
@@ -135,13 +135,13 @@ information. On Digital Unix, type ``man pfilt''.</P>
the tar utility and the gzip command - type something like:</P>
- zcat dhcp-2.0pl1.tar.gz |tar xvf -
+ zcat dhcp-2.0pl2.tar.gz |tar xvf -
<P>On BSD/OS, you have to type gzcat, not zcat, and you may run into
similar problems on other operating systems.</P>
-<P>Now, cd to the dhcp-2.0pl1 subdirectory that you've just created and
+<P>Now, cd to the dhcp-2.0pl2 subdirectory that you've just created and
configure the source tree by typing:</P>